Collect your controls to find the treasure and defeat the evil wizard!

Made in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2020 "Out of Control". You start the game with only one jump, but build up your arsenal of controls over the course of the game.

UP to jump; SPACE to dash; SHIFT to sprint

  • Coding by slimjimadair
  • Made in Unity
  • Artwork adapted from 0x72 Dungeon Tileset II
  • Sounds from Bfxr
  • Thanks to Jon & Sophie for playtesting!


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Definitely an interesting idea. Sprinting into the wizard was a bit counter-intuitive, but other than that the game was easy to understand and fun to play.

Very well thought idea!

Cool concept and the music and gameplay are great.

Very cool! I really like this reduction of the metroidvania genre. It doesn't feel much like a complete game though, but I can understand given this is a game jam. Try my submission!

Thanks - I agree that I didn't spend as much time as I'd have liked on the level design!

I like the idea of level being re-played each time with a bigger set of abillities, you could really build upon this. There are a few bugs, and sounds are really annoying, but for 48 hours of work, I think it's a really good outcome :)

Great game! The instructions are a little bit fast, but  good work. Just rea

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Like the idea of collecting controls, there are few bugs but its understandable since it is a 2 day jam.